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Thursday, March 17

last day!!!!!

today is Friday..thats mean its a last i'll be at home....n maybe the last day i'll update blogger....tomorrow i'll go to my prison...oohhh no!!!...why it must be tomorrow???..why not next week or next month????...i really don't wanna go back to the prison(hostel) coz its like a HELL you know??...yeah you don't know coz u never be in the prison rite??? such a quite atrocious rite col the hostel as a prison??...aaarrgggh!!!..i doesn't matter!!!..i cant stay there!!!..i just pretend to everyone that my life in there OK.....but in there i'm totally suffer...just god know what i feel!!!!...until when i want to pretend about this????..the **** ******* really make me feel uncomfortable!!!!!..she don't like me!!!!she hate me!!!!..she always look at me like i'm a monster!!....i don't know what i did to her thats make she hate me damn much!!!....i don't care whatever she wanna do to me!!....i really HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!........

"dear god please give me a patient & strength to stay there for 2 years"
terima kasih sudi baca entry nana!like kalau suka!

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