Online Diary here is my story: October 2013

Saturday, October 5

finally i'm eighteen

Thank you so much to everyone that has been so kind and wished me a Happy Birthday! :heart:

I appreciate them all!
It made this birthday the best I have ever had!
You all are just so many kinds of awesome.

I wish I could go and thank every one of you personally, since I always do my best to respond to each and every comment or reply I receive. 

But since I received too many, it would take me literally HOURS to reply to everyone singly.  

And trust me, it kills me inside that I'm not doing that. 
However, a good friend suggested I just make a journal expressing my thanks collectively so I can do it faster and more efficiently. ( I'd hate to miss someone. )
I received so many birthday wishes on my profile and by note! I was just so touched and grateful so many people took the time from their day to wish me a Happy Birthday!  It made my day so much more special.So thank you, everyone. THANK YOU. :love:

I would like to say an even more special thank you to those that sent me gift points.

And also a special thank you to those that gave me a cake badge!

A bigger thanks to those that joined in the community relations chat event with me!

And the BIGGEST thanks of all goes to those that gave me gift art! 

terima kasih sudi baca entry nana!like kalau suka!

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