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Thursday, March 14

Dear EX

am I that easy for you to forget?

, Truth is, I miss you. All the time, every second, every minute, every hour, every day.

, when I miss you, I will stalk your tweet and your picture :')

i'm not jealous with your new relationship but i am happy with that

we are only two people that were in love with each other when we are together. But now, you are only somebody that i used to know.

I hope she hurts you so that you can feel what i've been through.

Maybe I miss you, maybe I still need you, but the pain you put me through was heartbreaking enough :')

I'm sorry for hurting you before.

...just remember I was there for you when no one else was....

- when I first met you I feared commitment. Now I've left you the only thing I fear is love.

Ya Allah, kalau dia untukku, Kau jagakanlah dia. Sampaikanlah rinduku buat dia kerana aku tahu, Engkau yg paling hampir dgn hatinya.

, i'm glad you came into my life and makes me happy eventhough it's just for a while :')

saya harap awak bahagia dengan pasangan awak sekarang. Saya sentiasa doakan kebahagian awak :'>

Most important thing , kau telah menutupkan pintu hati aku untuk lelaki
terima kasih sudi baca entry nana!like kalau suka!

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